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    Frontier First Encounters is a space trading role playing game.  FFE is the third sequel to the original game of Elite, which set the standard for many games to follow.  Set in the year 3250, it is a virtual reality 3-D world in the Milky Way Galaxy.   In this world you will trade commodities for profits, buy and upgrade spaceships, and choose your own path from many careers for fame and fortune.

    Unlike many games, it is an open ended game where you do not win the game, rather you live a lifestyle of your own choosing.  As real life can be complex and frustrating, this simplistic world within your computer is a very compelling and relaxing place to be.  As a result, the game has a worldwide following of devoted fans, and even its own newsgroup.

    I am a graphic artist, and have devoted these pages to the artwork of the game.  I have created many never before seen graphics to enhance your experience in playing the game.  I hope you enjoy them.   Just select a page below to see the graphics.

    This site has many web pages which support every aspect of the Elite games, including all the different versions, how to play them, custom ships you can download, and even how to modify the games.  The Links page will direct you a selection of web sites which will answer all your questions.   The Utilities page has custom patches and files (designed by me), and the best freeware utilities for all the game versions.

    Note that this site was designed as an enhancement to the overall look and feel of the original DOS games. I could certainly update the pages to the "latest greatest" that is available on the web, but I prefer to keep the site as an extension to the games, and also fast loading for anyone that downloads it. You'll find the site will download extremely fast using high speed connections, and will also download the largest pages withing 60 seconds using a low speed modem connection. I also designed the site to properly display with any browser, as well as any monitor from 14" to whatever, and even widescrreen LCD displays. So enjoy!

Wave Greeting Audio buttons appear on many pages.  The buttons will work with any browser capable of playing WAV sound files.  This allows for quality sounds to be downloaded, and fast page loads without auto-loading of the sound files.   Click on the button to hear a greeting.  (Note: Allow each page to finish loading before clicking an audio button.)

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