The Special Collection

    United Kingdom fans will recognize the graphic below.  This graphic shows a Coriolis Space Station with an Asp Explorer making an approach for landing, two Viper Mark I Police ships on patrol, and a Cobra Mark III in the foreground.  Originally drawn by Phillip Castle for the box cover of Elite for the Acorn computer, it was a basic wireframe graphic with limited detail.  The Cobra was also somewhat different than the one in the game.   I upgraded the original to a higher resolution, remapped the colors, and added a large amount of detail to the graphic.  Then I added the detailed ships.  Ever wonder what a Coriolis station REALLY looks like?  Here it is.  Many thanks to Simon Challands for the original artwork transfer.
Coriolis Station

Airlock Station Airlock
    Frontier First Encounters has many special ships you will see flying around the galaxy.  Three of the ships are obtainable via completing special missions (noted by yellow text descriptions).  The rest are not obtainable by regular gameplay.  However, you can fly all of them if you choose by visiting the utility page.  The numbers are the hex ID codes for the ships in the program.
Special Ships

    Except for the Acorn Electron version, and Frontier Elite II, all other versions of the game has a Thargoid race of insects causing havoc in the galaxy (Actually, there is a Thargoid ship in FE2, however you cannot access it via regular gameplay.).  The Thargoid ship went through several design changes over the years.  This is my detailed version which combines all the designs into one intimidating ship.

     David Braben was once quoted as saying that there was one Thargoid ship in the galaxy in Frontier Elite II.  To date, no one has ever reported finding this ship in regular gameplay.  A false Mirage story was also promoted about the ship and how to obtain it.  The Mirage is a Thargoid ship which is part of the scenery at some remote bases.  It is a picture, and not an actual ship, thus the name Mirage.  Below is the actual Thargoid ship as is programmed in the game. It was part of the coding, but never developed for actual gameplay. It cannot be accessed in regular gameplay, and can only be obtained by editing the code (or by downloading it from the utility page).

    The Elite and Elite Plus versions of the game has a sleek, fast, and deadly ship called the Fer-De-Lance.  Many a pilot met his demise from its searing beam lasers and homing missiles.  Although elusive, here is my detailed version of this legendary craft.
Fer De Lance

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