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News Groups

News Groups
Google.Groupsalt.fan.elite reader for those who cannot access it directly. It appears that Google has purchased Deja News, so registration is now required to send posts. But an e-mail address and a password are all that is needed, and you can post to the group.

Goto the Elite Bar Website

IRC Chat      Fri 7:00 PM GMT     London DALnet      #TheEliteBar
Leave reality at the door, and enter the fantasy world of a bar room setting in the
Elite universe. Come as your Elite character, not as your real self! All are welcome!

Personal Web Sites

Personal Web Sites
Ian Bell's Web SiteThe U.K. home of Ian Bell, co-author of Elite. Here you can download many of the now public domain Elite games from the 1980s.
The Acorn Elite PageSimon Challand's page devoted to the Acorn computer version.
Three Dimensional
Another Simon Challand's page. A blast from the fab 50s as you view the Elite ships in 3-D!.
Alioth.netDylan Smith's new and exciting Turner Space Combat Academy site with lots of info on combat, travel, and trading.
Deep Space OutpostZat Solo's updated site with a new look, and lots of downloads. More links to the games than any other site on the web.
Dream-WareMike Cook's site includes a database of all the music, fonts, and FFE journals.
Elite I - IV GalleryAndrew Hodge's Elite section with maps, graphics, backgrounds, and a great Elite IV page, even though the game doesn't exist!
The Elite ShipyardsNeil's Active-X 3-D Models of the Elite ships in both Java and DirectX formats. some of the best looking ships on the net.
EYWTKATICAWATAAndrei Tanase's site with everything you ever wanted to know about an Imperial Courier.
FrontierAstroCommander Steve's unique site that combines Frontier Elite II with real Astronomy info.
First EncountersHosted by Crazyfool ?. A small FFE site in the U.K.
Frontier: First EncountersMarcin Oleksy's well done Frontier First Encounter's page for our Polish friends. You'll need a translator, or be able to read Polish, for this one.
FrontierVerseRobin Sharrock's very well done Frontier Elite II site with lots of info per FE2.
glFFEKolijoco's site supporting the Open GL version of FFE.
Kelpie's FFE & Elite Home of The Elite Ring, Kelpie's homepage provides some interesting utilities.
Jades FFE SiteGraham Thruwell's massive site with information, downloads, hacking, & articles.
JJFFE CentralJohn Jordan's FFE site. Want to run Frontier First Encounters on your latest greatest PC? Then you've come to the right place! John spent years getting the old 1995 DOS game to work on newer PCs, and still continues to add updates as needed.
JongwareSo how did they get the Milkyway galaxy onto a floppy disk? Theunis de Jong reveals all in the Frontier galaxy. Also home of the FFE StarSys map viewer. Frontier.
Lave StationHosted by Jades. A great source for Elite, Frontier, & FFE downloads.
Mufossa's Elite PageMatt Fossa's Elite page with new stories and music.
Planet MicMic Healey's Frontier Elite II site. Provides a graphic tour of the game, and can also read about Mic's travels through the Core systems. The Pilot's Lounge has lots if info including how to install the game on Windows 95/98 systems.
Pocket PC EliteBy Jon Welch and George Hooper. While not yet available for download, this site describes all the features of this classic game ported to the Pocket PC.
Space Sim CentralDarkone's FFED3D downloads section with all the latest patches and ships.
Startrek Meshes'sAndrew Hodge's Elite IV site with maps, graphics, and backgrounds...even though the game doesn't exist!

Commercial Web Sites

Commercial Web Sites
Ad AstraStart with a very accurate Milky Way Galaxy where you can land on planets. Then add spaceports, ships, equipment, commodities, police, military, pirates, aliens...Looks like Ad Astra by Steve Chapman is a winner! While the primary focus is combat, all the standard Elite careers are also available. For newbies attacks can even be turned off while you get your space legs! There are also lots of nice editing and utility features as well as being able to add your own MIDI music. A full manual is included.
The Elite ClubFrontier Developments Club site where you can download the shareware versions of Frontier Elite II and Frontier First Encounters. Not much activity on this site for the last few years, but the games are still here.
Eve OnlineWant to play the best of the Elite games online? Here is the website for you! Started by a few Elite fans, this is the definitive game for traveling the universe in the 21st century. Note you will need a latest greatest computer, a broadband or better hi-speed net connection, and a lot of REAL money per monthly fees and upgrades! You can play with less hardware and speed, but you can also bet your enemies will be playing with the best equipment!
EvochronWell let's see...One planet per system, astroid fields (where you can actually make large profits), buy and sell commodities, lots of hardware and weapons for your ship, Neutonian flight physics, safe systems as well as dangerous ones where everyone wants to blow you away...Released in April 2005, Evochron, and the current version Evochron Renegades, has the playability from the original 1984 Elite game, added in a few goodies from the later versions, and put it all together in state-of-the-art graphics. It takes a different direction in success as "Bribes" go a long way to getting to the top. Add in the ability to create your own systems, online multiplayer, and a discussion forum, and Evochron is a winner!
Frontier DevelopmentsThe creators of Frontier First Encounters. Welcome to the new homebase for Frontier Developments. Here you'll find info on the most frequently asked Elite questions, pictures of the game titles, and full E- Mail addresses for the company and David Braben. Frontier Developments is even recruiting at this time.
EgoSoft'X' Beyond the Frontier, and the upgrade 'X' Tensions, combines the intense longevity of the renowned Elite series with the spectacular technology of today's contemporary gaming PCs. Released in Germany in the fall of 1999, 'X' was a major hit from the start. It was inspired by the open end architecture of the Elite games from a group of talented people who appears that they wanted to take the Elite experience far into the 21st century! For me the games often envoke the surrealistic world of the movie Blade Runner per it's unique universe. 'X2' The Threat has since been released, as well as a major upgrade, 'X3' The Reunion. Next up is 'X3: Terran Conflict' soon to be released. If you're looking for an Elite experience with state-of-the-art graphics and audio, then the 'X' series of games is a definite must.

Articles - Versions - Downloads

Articles - Versions - Downloads
AwardsInternet awards presented to the Frontier First Encounters Art Page.
Order of EliteAre you Elite? Apply to be listed on the Elite Honor Roll!
AnswersThe list of answers for the viewscreen on the Controls page.
VersionsPhotos of the box covers and a listing of all the versions of the games.
UtilitiesMy utilities download page for all the Elite games.
WritingsA collection of short articles by George Hooper.
BiographyWho is this George Hooper anyway?

Where are They Now?

Where are They Now?
GameTekThe distributor of FFE. They no longer sell the game, and have removed their web site.
Case's LadderWas Case's Mental Zone, an FFE page. It's now an online multiplayer gaming league.
Elite PlatinumHosted by Christian Meyer. Christian and Jens Barlau wrote a New Elite version just released for PC computers.
Gavla Bohemia's...was Thompson High, an FFE page. It appears to have retired. Here is the main page.

Ian Bell
E-mail Ian Bell.
  David Braben
E-mail David Braben.
Other Non - Elite Sites

Other Non-Elite Sites
Alta VistaThe search engine...It's fast, has extensive resources, and will even translate a German Elite page into English!
GoogleWhile Alta Vista was good, Google has become the defacto standard for web browsing. If you can't find it on Google, then it's probably not there...
Download.comA huge shareware download site.
HooplahMy business web site.
SoCalGalA cute page from a cute gal in Southern California.
Louisville.comThe local web page for my hometown.

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