The Standard Ships

    Since the game's first release as Elite in 1984, the Cobra Mark III has been in every version of the game.   Fast, manuverable, and a hard target to hit, many players still prefer the Cobra over the other 59 ships in the game.  This graphic is a cutaway view showing details incorporated from all the game versions.
Cobra Mk III

Hull Strike Hull Strike Hull Damage Hull Damage Ship Explode Ship Explode
    The Xeeslan LSC7 Escape Capsule as fitted to the Cobra Mark III.  Requires only one crew to pilot, and provides an Interplanetary Drive with one ton of Hydrogen fuel to safely transport you to the nearest station.  The included Xeeslan insurance policy will replace your ship, less cargo.
Escape Capsule

Launch Launch Capsule
    This cutaway view shows the details of the flight deck of the Cobra Mark III, as installed in the Xeeslan LSC7 Escape Capsule.  The optional dual station configuration is depicted, which was used in the novella The Dark Wheel by Robert Holdstock.
Flight Deck

Attack Attack Warning
    The Eagle Mark II is one of three versions of the Eagle series. The design increased main thruster power and cargo capacity over the Eagle Mark I by installing smaller rear thrusters. This design limitation was corrected in the Eagle Mark III.
Eagle Mk II

    The startup ship for Frontier First Encounters, the Saker Mark III is a fast fighter with a minimum of room for cargo and weapons.  The outside view of the Saker is in the main title screen.  This graphic is a cutaway view of the interior.
Saker Mk II

    The Spar is a great little fighter and fun to fly.  It does not have the equipment space to take on all the evils in the galaxy, but it will hold its own one-on-one.

    The Viper Mark II is the ship of choice for the Galactic Police (and quite a few pirates as well!).  No wonder with it's intimidating appearance, speed, manuverability, and cargo space.   It is an excellent upgrade ship, and will take you far in the galaxy.
Viper Mk II

    Although slow and cumbersome, the Lanner II provides more cargo space than the Saker, at an affordable price.  The advantage is this ship is available in the early stages of the game.   For a competent pilot, a fast rise in trading profits awaits.
Lanner II

    One of the fastest ships in the game, the Osprey-X version of the Osprey comes with two more stabilizer wings, more cargo space, and great acceleration.  It is a great hit-and- run ship, and is ideal for those time limited military runs.
Osprey X

    The much desired Argent's Quest, the most powerful ship in the known galaxy.  No, you cannot buy this one.   But select your missions carefully, keep up to date on the journals, and you could soon be flying this impressive ship.
Argents Quest

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