Order of Elite Award

    "To be ELITE...A dizzying prospect. And a nerve-racking one, with all that it implies of not just fighting off free-booters, but of spending time as a bounty hunter, delibrately hyperspacing into dangerous planetary systems and waiting for the pirates to come to you; LOOKING for trouble, in other words, boosing your combat status to the maximum by advertising yourself to killers, and outgunning them."
...from The Dark Wheel, by Robert Holdstock

    Not all who experience the Elite games have the determination, discipline, resourcefulness, and patience to obtain the highest combat rating of ELITE. This page honors those who have gone before, and have become one with the Elite universe.

Cmdr Lance Maverick Coleborne ~ CmdrBlack Dalek Fraser
Cmdr Jeff Scotty Loermans ~ Cmdr Mark Cirdan Watson
Cmdr Miguel Wolfiz Martin Perez
Czech Republic
Cmdr Mark Frantic Smart ~ Cmdr Daniel Sharn-Lugonn Shad'ey Zavodsky
Tihomir Quinch Kadic ~ Aleksei Corbeau
Cmdr Niels Cat Erik Jensen
P Dex Dejan
Cmdr Niko Nucce Kantoluoto
Cmdr Jannah Anne RabidviXen Berihn ~ Archangel Ronny Mertens
Cmdr Apostolos Abardis Bardis ~ Cmdr Steve Jaqvaar Jaqvaar
Cmdr Takacs Saman Marcell
Allen Archangel Crawly Butler
Cmdr Lorenzo JimO Moracchiello ~ Cmdr Gianluca Phoenix Rossi
Jersey, CI
Cmdr Chris MadMan Boudin
Cmdr Nicholas Flores-Martin
Rein Defrost de Vries ~ Jelle Avenger Holla ~ Rudy Kirky Peters
New Zealand
Cmdr Tony Kelpie Thomas
Cmdr Daniel Don J Nilsen
Cmdr Darek Daniel Dominik 3DH Halaczkiewicz
Alexandre Alx Pinto
Andrei Thanase Tanase
Roman Mad Dragon Deniskin
Cmdr Dave Reaper Bett ~ Dave Vlad McCreadie ~ Cmdr Jason Break Togneri
Cmdr Alexander G323515 Larsson ~ Cmdr Dan Rollo Lind
Cmdr Roberto Shadow Santin
Cmdr Dmytro LazorenkoX Lazorenko
United Kingdom
Cmdr Andrew Slugger Bell ~ Cmdr Andy Shirl Blake ~ Cmdr Kevin ArQon Blenkinsopp
Cmdr Andrew Nomura Booth ~ Cmdr Robert Buckshot Burden ~ Cmdr Simon Challands
Cmdr Richard Boz Crossley ~ Cmdr Gordon Gordini Dyke ~ Cmdr Peter Samwise Edwards
Cmdr Adrian The Grey Haired Commander Gostling ~ Cmdr Alan Nemesis Goodwin
Cmdr Richard Alex Goodwin ~ Cmdr Adam RedGamma Green ~ Cmdr David Axel Hallett
Cmdr Gregg Archangel Hardie ~ Cmdr J Worm Hatfield ~ Cmdr Toby PigFreaker Hayward
Cmdr Ian Titler Hodgkinson ~ Cmdr Mik Japseye Holyoake ~ Cmdr Dave Hoopy Hooper
Cmdr Andersen Sewerin ~ Cmdr Paul James Humpers Humphries ~ DDuck Johansen
Cmdr John Kaela Johnston ~ Cmdr Paul Mongoose Johnson ~ Cmdr John JeSTeR Kent
Cmdr James Kilfiger ~ Cmdr Joash Nothing Lewis ~ Cmdr Colin Jameson Meason
Cmdr Mike Norman Mosser Mersey ~ Cmdr Chris Kaibach Miller ~ Cmdr Robert Nugget Pfeifer
Cmdr Kevin Ironfrost Prest ~ Cmdr Nathanael Rouillard ~ Cmdr Linc Dredd Sanders
Cmdr Robin Shazzer Sharrock ~ Cmdr Rob Simm ~ Cmdr Kevin Cool Smith ~ Cmdr Alec Stevens
Cmdr Jason Jason Wilding ~ Cmdr Stuart Magnum Wilson ~ Cmdr Chris Sunfly Wright
Arcangel Andrew Stickboy Wright
United States
Cmdr Matt Mufossa Fossa ~ George Viper Hooper
Archangel Erik Big Red Nyquist ~ Steven Hunter Robert Oliveira
Cmdr R. Frank Franco Serio ~ Cmdr Dylan Winston Smith
Your Country

    Are you Elite? Did you obtain the Elite ranking by regular gameplay? Want to receive an award, and be listed on The Order of Elite page? Click on the red button below to submit your answers via email to ten essay questions on the Elite games. Be sure to provide your name(s) and E-mail info at the end of the questionaire. If you know your stuff, you may soon be listed on the as one of the few ... the proud ... Elite!
July 2014. Sorry but the Order of Elite questionnaire is no longer operational. I forgot to setup the form CGI files when I went to another service provider. Not sure I remember how to do it now.


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