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    Welcome to Hooplah Productions, Ltd., located in the Sol System [0,0]. We design a wide variety of craft to meet your exploration and trading needs. Here is a listing of our more popular ships. We also custom design ships to fit the needs of the client in equipment, weaponry, and environmental concerns. Our cockpits and controls are of advanced design, and custom fitted to your physical requirements. No more problems flying a ship designed for humanoids, when you need triceptor class III pod controls! Just GalComp over to HPL-ZZ Channel 32, where one of our customer service reps will gladly show you all the options.
    For the economy minded, the Dart is hard to beat. It is a lightweight craft with good acceleration, low profile, and great aerodynamics. The Dart provides affordable transportation and good looks.

    The Saber is our luxury multi-role runabout/fighter which provides all the creature comforts. It has ample space for equipment, and the modified Irrikon drive will out fly any ship in its class. The styling was designed in cooperation with Lotus Works, Ltd., for a very attractive and agressive appearance.

    The Atlas is designed for speed and power! The twin Cornellis drives provide optimum acceleration for fast attack, and the reverse Delta-V wing design maintains a tight turning radius under atmospheric conditions. This fighter will give you the needed edge in the more hostile areas of the galaxy.

    A favorite with the mining companies, the Mystic provides dual remote control pods. This allows placement and pickup of mining machines while the main craft is in orbit around the planet. As a weapons platform, the Mystic allows multiple trajectory attacks, making it a formidable attack craft.

    Designed for the INRA forces in the Northeast Sector, the Pincer fighter provides speed and manuverability with increased hull strength. It is a serious attack fighter, and the custom shield generators ensure this ship will not go away quietly in the night!

    The Talon is a medium class size exploration craft, and includes extended range sensor arrays. The Durallium Aplha-grade shell provides lighter weight, and the Class IV Hyperdrive provides exceptional jump range. If the outer rim is your goal, the Mystic will easily get you there.

    The Larken took three years to design, resulting in the best combination of capacity, speed, manuverability, and jump range available in the galaxy. If a multi-role craft is what you need, there is no equal to the Larken.

    Our answer to the huge trading ship, the Spider has twice the speed and jump range of any ship in its class, and 60 percent more cargo space than a Panther Clipper.

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