The Music

    Here are my custom MIDI versions of the great tunes from the Elite and Frontier games.  You can click on a button to listen to a tune while you browse the FFE Art Page.   The music selections are in standard MIDI format.  Playback or download of the files depends upon the capabilities of your browser to use MID files.   Click on the help button below for more information.
Play Elite Theme (plain) Play Elite Theme (fancy)
Play Elite Plus Theme Play Frontier Elite II Theme
Play First Encounters Theme Play Frontier Elite II 2nd Theme
Play Alien Encounters Play Atmosphere
Play Baba Yaga Play Blue Danube
Play Drama Play Escape
Play Great Gates of Kiev Play In the Hall of the Mountain King
Play Night on Bare Mountain Play Paradise
Play Ride of the Valkyries Play Rock
Play Suspense Play Travel

Original Elite Theme by Aiden Bell
Elite Plus (Blue Danube recording) and Frontier Themes by Dave Lowe
Original artist recordings in HMI format by Dave Lowe, The Quality Quartet.
Original Sound Drivers supplied by Human Machine Interfaces, Inc.
Classical Selections by Greig, Mussorgsky, Strauss, and Wagner.
Custom MIDI versions created and produced by George Hooper.
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