Elite Plus

    The last upgrade to Elite, Elite Plus is the best PC version of the original games. It provides excellent sounds, smooth animation, intensive combat, and all the special missions. Inputs for keyboard, joystick, or mouse are all supported, and can be customized by the player. Elite Plus is the only game in the series which provides a VGA display mode, although the 255 colors in the MCGA mode is really the only way to play it. The graphics below depict the main title screen, and docking with a Coriolis station.
 Title Screen Docking

    The Status Screen provides the player with all the important information, as well as graphically displaying all the equipment additions to the ship. The Worldata Link also provides valuable information for navigation, trading, and combat potential in a system.
 Status Page Worldata Link

    The function keys provide all the game controls by using three display panels. New keys are added as the player installs equipment items in the game. In the Station Panel, typing the Maps key [F4] would toggle between the current the F8 - F11 icons with the new set below.
Function Keys

    The heart of the flight controls is the 3-D Flight Grid Scanner. It is a circular horizontal plane with your ship in the middle. The grid is 'fixed' to your ship, so as your ship turns, the objects surrounding your ship will appear to move around the grid. The green shaded area is what you see in the front viewscreen of your ship. Objects above you appear as a verticle line above the grid. Objects below will be a line below the grid. The colors in Elite Plus are different objects, while in FE2 and FFE they represent the size of a ship in tons.

    In Frontier First Encounters the grid was updated so it would spin left or right. This provides a greater sensation of turning in the game.
    Obtaining the rank of ELITE is a goal that many try for, but few succeed. Those who make it are rewarded with the following graphic. Note that there is something missing in this graphic, which will appear when you play the game, and become ELITE! Note that since the appearance of this website in 1997, no one has ever e-mailed me with the missing information. Will you be the first?
Elite Award

    Best of all, the game has been released by Ian Bell on his web site. Click Here to download the game. Elite Plus was designed for 286/386 systems, and might be too fast on today's computers. Not to worry, just click Here to download SpeedBrake from Kelpie's Homepage. It is a freeware program designed to slow the game down to normal speed.

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