Frontier First Encounters v1.06 Remastered
  The Shareware version of FFE patched and ready
  to play on Windows XP or Vista!   Just  copy  the
  folders over to your PC and play!
  • John Jordan's JJFFE v28a7
  • Elite Games's FFED3D v112b
  • Whertz's BUFFET Trainer
  • Custom Eagle Mk II and Falcon
  • Introduction and Installation guides (pdf, text)
  • The FFE Manual (pdf)
  • The Dark Wheel novella (html)
  • Quickstart guide (pdf)
  • Equipment guide (pdf)
  • Ships guide (pdf)
  • Missions guide (pdf)
  • Desktop Icons
  • Keyboard Control Sheet (pdf)
  • Stockmarket Fill-in Sheet (pdf)
  • Frontier Developments Ltd License
                           File Size 89 MB !!!
  A high speed Internet connection is recommended 

Support Files
Get the Videos 222MB    All the Video files for Frontier First Encounters
Get the Map 336kb    The offline FFE Galaxy Map from Jongware
Get the Reader 36Mb    Adobe Reader - Required to view the pdf documents
Get DirectX 79Mb    DirectX - Both games require 9.0C or later

Additional Games
Get the Games    The original Frontier and FFE for the PC

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