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    The big clue to finding all the items is the date of 1-Jan-3250 12:00:00.  This is the start of the game, and specific items will be at each of the locations in the display.
No Item Problem Start Value No Item Problem Start Value
1Super Saker Mk IIIdoesn't exist Saker III fighter 16Inter-species Translatornot available none
2Alpha Class Warp Drivedoesn't exist Class 1 Hyperdrive 17Cloaking Devicedoesn't exist none
3Max. 60000too large max. 10.71ly 18Tracking Devicenot obtainable none
4Hull Integritywrong name Hull Condition 1950MW Borg Laserdoesn't exist 1 MW Pulse Laser
5Current 60000.00too large current 10.71ly 20Genesis Devicedoesn't exist Empty
6Shield Deflectorswrong name Shield Generators 21200 cargo spacetoo large 1
7Radar Mappernot onboard none 2210000 remaining spacetoo large 7
8Naval E.C.M.not onboard none 23100 cabinstoo large 0
9Fighter Launch Devicenot available none 2410000000.0 creditstoo large 1000.0
10Military Camerasnot available none 25Military Cameras Iconnot available none
11Energy Bombnot onboard none 26Energy Bomb Iconnot onboard none
12Hyperspace Cloud Analyzernot onboard none 27Hyperspace Cloud Analyzer Iconnot onboard none
13Energy Booster Unitnot onboard none 28Thargoid Missile Iconsnot available 2 x KLT60
14"Stowmaster" fighternot available none 29Naval E.C.M. Iconnot onboard none
15Transmission Jammernot available none
30The EASY one the background image does not exist
31The HARD one the Undercarriage light is on, but the Undercarriage is retracted in the ship display

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