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    Well its about time that I updated my utility files from Word Docs to the now universally accepted PDF format. Here are the first few pages starting with the info for JJFFE by John Jordan. I'll also be including excellent info from other sites.

Elite Install 430k Yes, you can run all four of the IBM Elite games on a Windows XP PC! Here's the installation instructions! I've also heard reports that using this setup FFE will work in Vista!
FFE Manual 8.7m Take the original FFE manual, then have a dozen expert players from around the world rewrite it. The result is the ultimate resource for playing the game in a bookmarked and searchable PDF file!
FFE Controls 468k All the keyboard controls including the unpublished ones!
FFE Equip Info 16k Complete listing of all the equipment in the game.
FFE Ship Info 20k Complete listing of all the ships in the game.
FFE Start 61k Starting Guide - This guide will take you step-by-step through the first two months of the game. By then you will have won the Wiccan Ware race, have 800,000 credits in your acount, and be flying an Asp Explorer with a Class III Military drive.
FFE Missions 91k Everything you ever wanted to know about all the special missions in the game. The guide describes each step in a mission, and exactly what to do next. Includes specific instructions for getting around all the mission bugs.
FFE Equip Codes 40k Listing of the hex addresses and codes for all equipment. From JJFFE version ffewin28a7.
FFE Ship Codes 55k Listing of the hex address and codes for all ships. From JJFFE version ffewin28a7.
FFE Start Codes 34k Listing of the hex addresses, codes, and equipment for the four startup ships. From JJFFE version ffewin28a7.
FFE Mod 29k Instructions for using the ffewin28a7mod.exe file to create custom ships.
FFE Eagle Mk II 34k Information to replace the startup Saker III with a fully loaded Eagle Mk II. From JJFFE version ffewin28a7.
Commodity Worksheet 34k Paper notes all over your desk per trying to find the best commodity prices between systems? Here's a worksheet to get you organized!. Works for both FE2 and FFE.
Freelancer Universe
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Additional Games
Ad Astra Info 47k Compiled information from the manual for Steve Chapman's Ad Asta space/trading game. Includes the playing tips, quick start guide, equipment and ships listings, and keyboard controls.
Ad Astra Chart 15k Ad Astra ship reference chart.

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