Games by Ian Bell and David Braben

    Thanks to two great game authors, Ian Bell and David Braben, here are the original Elite and Elite Plus games for IBM PC and compatibles. Additional versions for other platforms are also available at Ian Bell's website below.

Game Downloads 55k FREEWARE! - ELITE. Unzip the file to a directory, and run ELITE.EXE. Once the game is running, type ESC twice to get to the options screen. 475k FREEWARE! - ELITE PLUS. Unzip the file to a directory, and run ELITEP.EXE. Select your soundcard (AdLib usually works) and graphics mode (MCGA is great), then enter the password. After you are at the player screen, type ESC once to get to the options screen.

Additional Information

    These games were originally designed to run in DOS on 386/486 systems using earlier Soundblaster and AdLib type soundcards. Note that these games will not run on newer Windows systems that do not support DOS (2000, XP) and often require modifications to Windows 95, 98, ME systems to operate correctly.

    What's the best system to run all the Elite games on? My vote would be a NON-MMX Pentium 166mhz, 32Mb of Ram, Soundblaster 16, Windows 3.1, and DOS 6.22 OS. Add a Logitech mouse, some decent speakers with a subwoofer, and a Wico reed relay joystick. You can then enjoy traveling the universe for the next decade.

    What is Ian Bell doing today?
You can visit his website by clicking on the button below.

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